Rishikesh which is the adventure capital of the country India has so much to offer you so much. One will surely not be bored at all when he or she is in Rishikesh. The city has so much to offer and one of the best cities if explored in the 20s. Above 20 also the city has plenty to offer and would not disappoint anyone. Rishikesh has everything for you without your age mattering. The city has a vibe where you want to return again and again. Each time you come back you will feel somewhat is still left, some joys are still left to be turned into memories. Thus there are plenty of such activities to explore here in Rishikesh.

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Rishikesh has often provided a new outlook to so many people’s life. After visiting once some come each year to collect some more memories and some more fun. Many people have found motivation and goals in life after they have visited the city. Rishikesh has given a new objective to people. Many after visiting found that their purpose of life is different and they want something else in life.  Some took yoga as a profession, passion and made it live, while on the other hand one decided to live with adventure and made it a profession. Thus let’s see what can you do and how can you explore this city as you visit it for the first time.

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What’s so special about this place?

  • Located in the foothills of the Himalayas
  • Full of Scenic beauty
  • Plenty of holy places to visit
  • Have all sorts of adventure-filled round its arms
  • Give you peace and serenity
  • Best known for Ayurveda
  • Has something for all age

Things you can do here

  • Learn Yoga-

There is plenty of Yoga School in Rishikeshwhere you can explore a very different style of yourself. This place has one of the best trainers in the world and the methods with which they teach are extraordinary. Many foreigners come each year and enroll themselves in different courses because yoga gives us pleasure a kind of peace which is very difficult to get in these days. There are different schools or institutes in Rishikesh where there are people teaching varieties of the lesson. It does not always pose and difficult asana but a list of activities that is been followed.

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Also, there is a treatment that takes place in Rishikesh. If you are someone who is sufferings from depression, anxiety, or any other problems like body ache, etc this is the right place to get treated. They have a solution to every problem. Rishikesh is such a p[lace that deserves a must-visit at least once in two years. This place has a solution to everything and the medicine is none other than yoga, chanting, and leading a simple life. There are so many different schools that provide all these courses and classes. One can come here and live for weeks without any problem from food to sleep they have all facilities within the campuses only.

  • Get a certificate-

One of the best things here about Rishikesh is that if you complete all the courses and classes for Yoga from here you are defiantly in demand. Thus one more exciting thing to do here is to get the 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikeshand be a certified yoga teacher. With this certificate in hand, one can get a job or you can even set your institution. A yoga certificate from here is very costly and will help you if you want to do something in this field. The certificates that are provided from here have worldwide recognition. In today’s world yoga is becoming very famous with each passing day and so does Rishikesh’s yoga. Thus when you will have a certificate from these schools you will surely be in demand. Thus come here and get yourself enrolled for either 200-hour course which is very basic followed by the 300 and 500. After that, you will learn all the asanas and can also become a teacher in any of these schools. In that case, you have to live there only. Thus this is another very crucial as well as important thing that one can do in Rishikesh when visiting.

  • Adventure-
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Believed to be the adventure hub of India you need to visit this place for just some extra spice in your life. This place has got all in one and there is no need to spend plenty of money here and there to find happiness and a bit of rush. You can get your hands on river rafting which is believed to be the world’s best. The rafting pieces of equipment instruction and everything is top class with so much fun. Next, we have the Himalayan trekking. There are plenty of trekking options available here in Rishikesh and you can just get your hands on any of them.

  • Religious exploration
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If you are a religious person this place again is the beehive with pilgrims, ashrams, temples, and above all the divine Ganga. You can visit so many temples then can indulge yourself in the everyday Ganga aarti.  Rishikesh has plenty of camping options, then there is a giant swing, bungee jumping, flying fox, hot air balloon, Lakshman jhula, Ram jhula, and the list just goes on. This place sometimes feels that it has everything to offer. Just get here and dive into an adventure with each passing day. Explore with each passing day some f the amazing religious points.

 Also, there are special tours and the guides take you to each temple and religious places by the city. Here a detailed explanation will be given followed by amazing lunch, dinner, and stay. Thus exploring all these places here in Rishikesh can be a great option. The best part about these is that the packages are not very costly yet you will enjoy yourself a lot.

  • Indulge in Ayurveda
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Has got one of the best ayurvedic treatments in the world Rishikesh has plenty to offer when comes he question in this field. Rishikesh is filled with ashrams with providing you ayurvedic treatment. You can get a solution to any health problems with Ayurveda. Thus come here and indulge in the goodness of Ayurveda. Also, a combination treatment procedure of yoga and Ayurveda is very famous. Thus coming here almost solves all your problems and hardships.

Rishikesh has got some of the best beauty and other diseases treatment in the world through the use of Ayurveda and yoga. One can come here and try these courses or areas. Many people have got some amazing results which they have got help from throughout their lifetime. Thus this is one of the most famous and wanted things here in Rishikesh. Also, courses and treatments must be prepaid and booked because there is always a rush here throughout the year.

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Thus these are few amazing things that one can do when in Rishikesh. A place where you will find tourists all around the year with the presence of the world’s most beauties in form of Ganga and Himalayan has to have so much. The best thing that you can take away from here is a lot of memories and a bag full of peace. This place has something to offer for every age group. Among the plenty, we have just listed a few. All we can say is visit once and know yourself what this place is all about.

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