6 ideas for a tropical-themed bridal shower.

If you are planning for a summer bridal shower – then nothing is better than a tropical theme. Mainly because it will perfectly fit the summer vibes and will be extremely fun for the guests. But, are you confused about hosting one? This article is for you then – here are 6 tropical theme bridal shower ideas that will add that extra oomph to your party!

Dress code 

You can do all the decor that you want, but if you do not dress up like it’s a tropical-themed party, it’s not going to do the job. So, When you invite your guests, make sure that you let them know about the dress code for the bridal shower.

Going along with the tropical theme, try to find dresses that do not look so formal. It’s because the theme of the party reflects a laid-back vibe rather than being all formal. Save the formal wear for the wedding itself.

And, don’t forget to look for bridal shower invitations that are rustic – they will elevate the whole event!

Ice pops 

Apart from the decor, you should also put some thought into what you are going to serve to the guests. And for this party, try to think outside the box. Instead of serving sliders and sandwiches – try to serve the guests with ice pops or popsicles.

It’s because popsicles will be relevant to the theme of the party and who doesn’t love a tangy popsicle on a bright sunny day?

Juice bar

If you do not like the popsicle idea, you can try to set up a juice bar for your guests. And going by the theme, you can add all the tropical flavors that you want to the mix. Therefore, when the guests arrive, they can enjoy the drinks until lunch is served.

A tropical backdrop for pictures 

Let’s face it, people and their priorities have changed. Therefore, try to incorporate a tropical backdrop for pictures. So, people can enjoy the time and find the perfect spot to take that Instagram selfie.

You can try to experiment with leaves, pineapple, and other such items to get the perfect backdrop. For some inspiration, look through Pinterest and choose one banner that you can replicate with the help of a decor company. On top of this, you can also try to incorporate as much greenery as possible at the venue to add that extra layer to the decor of the event.


Apart from the decor and dress code, you should also try incorporating as many tropical snacks as possible for the event. For example, you can serve watermelon and frozen yogurt to the guests to add a refreshing touch to the event. If you do not like the idea of serving watermelon, you can replace it with any other fruit such as pineapple.

Floating flamingos for the pool

Try to book a venue that has a swimming pool in it. You can decorate the pool with different items such as floating flamingos mainly because the flamingos will look absolutely beautiful in the sunlight. On top of that, people can also enjoy time in the pool with the help of the flamingos.


If you are done with sending your fun tropical-themed bridal shower invites to the guests – it’s time to plan the event. For a tropical-themed party, you need to include things that give off a laid-back vibe. Instead of serving sophisticated sliders – serve popsicles to the guests so that they can have some fun at the party and gear up for the wedding!

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