6 Risks of attempting water damage restoration on your own

When disaster strikes, the consequences can be catastrophic. Whether it’s water damage, mould infestation, or a house fire, you need to clean up the mess and decide what to do next. You can save money on hiring professional cleaning staff and handling the cleaning yourself. After all, you scrub and mop at home – is it difficult?

Rebuilding a house after a disaster is not easy. You may have experience rebuilding decks and fixing leaky pipes, but unlike many DIY projects, disaster cleanup requires a professional vision. Considering these six reasons, it is best to hire a professional water damage repair company to do the cleaning job.

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1. You may be exposing yourself to the invisible danger

You are familiar with the interior and exterior of your home, but that doesn’t mean you are aware of the new risks after a disaster. Debris or sharp obstacles can hide understanding water, smoke, or burning objects. Risk of falling from a frame or unstable ground. Blisters on the floor can slip and cause injury.

In addition to the visible dangers, you can face a variety of health issues in space. If this affects the wiring, there is a risk of electric shock due to water damage after submersion. Water damage in Aliso Viejo to gas pipelines can lead to toxic gas leaks. If your plumbing system is damaged during an event, you could be facing bacterial, fungal, or health issues.

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For this reason, it is best to leave your home after a disaster. Hire a professional cleaner who is trained and fully equipped to deal with these risk factors.

2. You may have used the wrong cleaning tool.

To solve a small emergency, you can have a closet full of cleaning tools like mops and sponges. But in more severe cases, standard cleaning devices are not very helpful. Even heavy-duty rags or towels cannot effectively handle large volumes of standing water. Thus, standing water will further damage the structure of your home when you attempt to clean it.

Meanwhile, specialist companies use industrial-grade equipment designed for emergencies. They have all the right tools to get the job done fast, including high-quality cleaning solutions that can completely sanitise your home and provide a complete makeover.

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3. You may miss important details

Without an expert’s vision, it’s hard to know exactly which details to consider. There is nothing to be ashamed of about this – after all, you are not a disaster recovery expert. However, this does mean that important details can easily be missed when trying out DIY water sanitation projects. Clean and dry thoroughly with water. You may forget to check for outlets or hidden parts. This can cause residual water damage and mould build-up over time.

Damage repairers like the Unlimited Restoration team are trained to clean every corner of your home during the cleaning process. We will do our best to ensure that no details are missed.

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During a recent flood remediation project, our inspection team discovered a wet, live switch panel on an absorption line. The panels are securely in place, but the water inside is full of vitality, and if left undetected it can seriously affect your health. A DIY water extraction project could easily mean ignoring this sign – a risky end.

4. Wait a bit and the problem gets worse

As an expert says, there is no time wasted fixing a damaged home. A quick intervention like water, fire, or mould can prevent the problem from getting worse. DIY repairs take a long time to install. Whether you’re looking to troubleshoot a problem, list supplies, purchase a device or watch an instructional video on YouTube, you can spend an incredible amount of time preparing a repair item before you start troubleshooting. to do.

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Hiring professional cleaning staff can save you valuable time and prevent corrosion and damage to your home.

5. Cutting corners doesn’t necessarily save money.

When your home is accidentally damaged, your morale and your budget suffer. Disasters can require the costly replacement of lost furniture, technology, and appliances. At this point, it’s simple to grab a dime and choose DIY Fire Damage Cleanup.

Going the DIY route might seem like a good idea on a budget right now, but it could cost you money again in the future. In addition to the cost of purchasing dedicated cleaning products, you risk making mistakes or missing details.

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Over time, these errors can cause increasingly serious problems – from subsidence of soils and weakening of structures to corrosion of wires. You may need to bring in a professional to correct any mistakes you make on your first attempt at cleaning. Your first professional cleaning service is an investment and you will be rewarded with professional results and peace of mind.

6. Safety procedures should always be a top priority.

Your safety and that of your family should be your top priority. Whether it’s ground damage, sagging roofs, or smoke residue, it’s a good idea to leave your home for safety. The same goes for small repair projects like DIY mould removal. Black mould is poisonous and can be harmful to health if inhaled.

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Measures immediately after damage to the house

1. Call your insurance company

Your home insurance depends on the insurance contract you have. Insurance companies send appraisers to see and assess losses and to determine if a loss is covered by insurance.

Record the value of every possible item and take as many photos as possible before, during, and after cleaning. This helps the expert assess the loss.

Not all home insurance covers damage caused by flooding. For more information on how flood insurance works, see our blog post.

keep valuables

In areas where the carpet is wet, you can lift wooden furniture and insert foil under your feet to prevent the carpet from staining. Likewise, remove any rugs that might be on wet floors.

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In the event of severe flooding, you may have to leave your home. When you get home and start dealing with the consequences, make sure it’s that safe. Do not drive in flooded areas!

Immediately begin repairs in the event of a flood.

Before you begin the flood elimination process in a flooded house, you must first document any damage. This will help with future insurance claims.

If possible, flood repairs should begin 24 to 48 hours after you have been cleared into your home. Often the loss is too great for one person and their family. Get help from our repair service to keep you safe and to make sure the water damage removal process is completed correctly.

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You may need to remove floors, drywall, and insulation to prevent mould from spreading throughout your home. Depending on the severity of the damage, your furniture may need to be dried, cleaned, or scrapped. Water and moisture can immediately damage the hardware store floor, so this process should be started as soon as possible.

Dry the house and remove the moisture.

Always wear protective gear when starting the drying process yourself. Determine what is salvageable and throw away anything that is damaged or becomes unsafe.

If there is a lot of standing water, it can be removed with a bucket or plastic pail. Then use a rag to soak up the excess water out of reach. Go to your local hardware or grocery store and borrow a wet and dry vacuum. Finish the job when most of the water is gone and aerate the area to dry completely. Using a dehumidifier can speed up this process. If you have too little water, you can use a wet and dry vacuum from scratch.

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Even after removing all standing water from your home, you should get your things frequently, especially if you live in a wet area. If you can turn it back on, use a central air conditioner to remove moisture. Floor fans, such as fans and dehumidifiers, can help dry out damp areas in your home.

Avoid mould, mildew, and other long-standing problems that can come back quickly. To make sure your home is dry, you may need the help of a professional repairman like JenkinsRestorations.

Time is of the essence. Studies have shown that if you start drying your home within the first 24 hours and dry it within three to four days, you can almost eliminate mould and the risk of mould.

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Instead of fixing the problem yourself, remember your priorities and call a  water damage repair in Aliso Viejo. They are given appropriate protective equipment and training to stay safe from potential dangers.

Request unlimited recovery for a professional cleaning service.

If you’ve been through a disaster at home before, remember you’re not alone. We are committed to providing reliable and efficient support. We know how much pressure this situation brings, so we’re here to make the cleaning process as straightforward as possible. We provide emergency on-site stabilization services, tear removal, installation of drying units, mold protection, complete rebuilding, and flood and fire damage repair.

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