Metal cabinets have long been used as storage solutions in various environments, partially because of their durability. Metal cabinets are used everywhere from office buildings to mechanic shops and have long been rugged and robust storage solutions.

Advantages of Using Metal Cabinets

Metal cabinets have long been used as a storage solution for a variety of different businesses and are used across industries. Here are a few of the advantages of using metal cabinets instead of other types of cabinetry.

Rugged Construction

One of the best things about metal cabinets is their rugged construction – while they’re not meant to be tossed around like cordwood – they can handle some punishment without being totally destroyed and successfully protect their contents.

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Cheap To Buy

Metal cabinets are used primarily because they’re inexpensive to purchase. Whether you’re buying two, or twenty, or two hundred, metal cabinets are some of the most inexpensive large-scale storage solutions on the market.

They’re Durable

Besides being able to withstand some punishment, metal cabinets are quite durable as well. Even the most basic metal cabinets, made from aluminium or steel are going to last you a long time! They’re a great long-term storage investment.

Easy Maintenance

Whether your clean your office yourself or hire a professional to do it for you, metal cabinets are very easy to clean and require almost no maintenance. Maybe the tightening of a screw here or there to readjust a drawer, but putting them back together again is typically a breeze. You also don’t have to worry about spillages damaging the material either. Simply wipe it up and you’re good to go!

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As you can see, metal cabinets are one of the best storage solutions out there, with many good reasons to consider investing in one for your business. But are they safe enough for the workplace?

Are Metal Cabinets Safe?


Whether you’re talking human-workplace safety, or if metal cabinets will keep their contents safe – metal cabinets are generally a safe thing to be around in the workplace and a safe place to keep your equipment or documents.


Are Metal Cabinets Tippy?

While metal cabinets are generally lightweight, depending on what grade of steel they’re made from, they’re not so lightweight as to tip over with a hard stare. You don’t generally need to worry about a metal cabinet falling on you, should an accident occur.

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What About the Sharp Pointy Edges?

One of the biggest dangers of dealing with any metal objects is that they’re typically sharp and can cause cutting damage. If you’re concerned about the sharp, pointy bits of a metal cabinet causing harm should it fall over, you can use rubber corner cuttings to cover them.


What about Leakage?

If you’re concerned about leakage of dangerous chemicals, then you can buy sealed “dangerous goods” cabinets that are made from tougher steels than your traditional metal cabinets and are designed not to tip over and are designed to contain chemical spills.


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Regardless of why you need a metal cabinet; its robust design, cheap overhead costs, easy maintenance and generally safe design are just a few reasons why metal cabinets make so much sense as a storage solution.

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