Many people do not focus on how a window air conditioner works they just buy the air conditioner to cool their rooms during summers. But how do these window air conditioners work and what is the procedure no one is interested in?

While window air conditioner looks complicated by the working behind how they work quite simple and easy to understand. There are many types of air conditioners and a window air conditioner is the simplest type of AC.

All the components are located inside a casing you cannot see or touch the component unless you open the cover of the window air conditioner. As the name suggests these types of air conditioners are usually mounted on windows.


They are best because they can be moved from window to window and works independently from the home HVAC system.

The air conditioner provides cooling using two specific cycles one is the room air cycle and the other is the hot air cycle. In this article, you will get to know the information about how window air conditioners work.

The Room Air cycle:

The part of the air conditioner inside the window uses a fan to blow air to cool the room. The main purpose of the air conditioner is to move the air inside and outside to maintain the temperature of the room.

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Inside the AC you must have seen metal coils these coils play an important room in cooling purposes. When you turned on your air conditioner you might have heard the blower fan start to work.

The compressor is the main component that assists the fan. You may have noticed that after you turned on your air conditioner the room temperature starts to change this heat exchanging mechanism take place inside the cooling coils.

When the air conditioner starts the compressor inside the AC also starts to work. As the compressor starts the cooling coils start to change the temperature of the room.

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The room temperature starts to drop. The blower fan sucks all the hot air inside the room. The hot air is then passed through the filters to remove any impurities.

As the air will move from the cooling coils the hot air will be absorbed and the hot air becomes colder. This is the whole phenomenon who the window air conditioner changes the room temperature.

The hot air cycle:

This cycle is all about the exterior parts of the window air conditioner. The components that are located on the air conditioner outside the window the hot air cycle tries to cool them down.

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The condenser coils are located at the back of the air conditioner the hot air cools the condenser coils. The fan sucks the hot air and blows that air over the condenser coils.

The condenser has a refrigerant but it has a high temperature so the refrigerant needs to be cool first before it provides the cool air.

If you stand at the back of your air conditioner you can feel the hot air coming out. After the refrigerant is cooled down the liquid passes through the cooling coils of the Air conditioner.

The condenser also produces the water while cooling the room you may have noticed the water droplets when the air conditioner is turned on.

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In simple words, the hot air cycle blows all the hot air outside in the environment and pulls the fresh air inside the air conditioner. The heat exchanging process with the air plays the overall part to cool your room.

Working of different components in Air conditioner:

Below are some important mentioned air conditioner components and their working.


Every air conditioner has a thermostat. On the thermostat, you enter the desired room temperature. For example, in your home’s air conditioner you set the room temperature from the remote.

Once you set the reading thermostat detects if you have reached the desired temperature, it halts the compressor and the cycle continues. If the room temperatures rise again the thermostat removes its hold and brings back the compressor into gear.

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Adjusting Air Speed:

On the blower fan, you can also set the speed. If you will set the fan to a faster speed the cooling process will also get faster and your room will cool down more quickly.

Air filters:

When the blower fan runs it also brings in dust particles. Inside the air conditioners behind the grill’s filters are located that absorb all the dust balls and other particles and clean the air to provide you with cool and clean air.

You must replace your air filters after a month or so. Some of the air filters are reusable and some are disposable. You can clean the filters by soaking them in the tub filled with water and then drying it with a clean cloth and putting it back to the desired position.

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So, in this article, I have provided all the information that how the window air conditioner works. It only consists of two cycles that are room air cycle and the hot air cycle.

These two air cycles exchange air through the air and provide you cool air and maintain your room temperature.

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