How to Choose A Domestic Helper For Your Elderly

A domestic helper like the services offered by United Channel is someone who can provide care for an elderly person. The tasks this person might do are cooking, cleaning, and providing companionship. The helper can help the elderly person with basic tasks like cooking and cleaning in their home. This is also a good option for people who live alone or have limited mobility. In this article, we will share with you how to choose an agency or person who provides domestic help for the elderly in Singapore.

How to Choose A Domestic Helper For Your Elderly?


People should not only look at the qualifications but also the domestic helpers age. The older the person, the more experience and knowledge they have. However, if you need to hire someone for childcare or for elder care, the age may not be important.

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Women are more likely to have domestic responsibilities and caregiving roles compared with men in most households.


Some people will only want someone who speaks English so you need to find out if this is important. Some people will only want a person who speaks their language for childcare or socialization purposes but it’s not as much of a priority for work or other areas of life. Others may prioritize language fluency.


Some employers will only want a person who has some form of education but others will not care. Some may prefer someone who has a bachelor’s degree or even have specific requirements for education-level qualifications.

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Live-In or Live Out

This is an important factor if you are looking for a live-in domestic helper rather than someone to come in and work during the day.

Ways a Domestic Helper Can Improve Your Lifestyle

The benefits of hiring a domestic helper can be twofold. Not only are you providing much-needed care for an elderly loved one, but you’re also able-to-continue with your personal life, work and hobbies. Being able to rely on someone else to help around the house can seem like a great life-saver. That’s why it’s no surprise that many people are turning to hiring agencies for help.

Here are some ways a domestic helper can improve your lifestyle:

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1. They can do things you need assistance in the house with.

Aides can help with cooking, cleaning and laundry, . They can also take care of very time-consuming tasks and chores.

2. They can help with the bills.

As a domestic helper, you’re able to help manage your household budget, which means you’re left free to work or focus on other things like spending time with family and friends.

3. They can care for the elderly.

Another reason to hire a domestic helper is if you have a lot of family obligations and you need help taking care of your parent or grandparent, who require more attention when looking after.

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Why Hiring a Domestic Helper Makes Sense For Seniors And Their Loved Ones

Hiring a domestic helper can make sense for seniors and their loved ones for various reasons:

– They can help with household tasks that are difficult to do alone.

– It provides companionship for seniors who are living alone.

– They can take care of pets while the senior is out of the house.

– They can help with grocery shopping so that seniors don’t have to carry heavy bags on their own.

In brief, we have shared with you how to choose an agency or person who provides domestic help for the elderly in Singapore. Check out United Channel for their various services from part time maids to helpers for the elderly.

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