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Nowadays, technology is very important because most of the time it is used for almost everything. Like everything else, technology has advantages and disadvantages.

First, the growth of technology is profitable to the human being for many reasons. First, progress allows accessibility to the facility and brings various devices that help us in our work to save time. At the medical level, the technology allows to treat more patients and therefore save many human lives and fight viruses and very harmful bacteria.
After then, the invention of the computer was indeed a very important point. The communication is therefore facilitated and simplified. companies can more easily communicate with foreign countries. Theresearch is also simplified.
philips ai 796x531 1 - The pros and cons of technologyphilips-ai-796x531-1          Then, for companies, progress is a gain so money. Exchanges are faster with the internet. Sales and purchases are now made easier and possible throughout the world. Allowing such companies to buy raw with discounts or reduced prices. Similarly, global tourism is developed. Technology has also increased the productivity of almost all industries of the world.
       On another level, the evolution of modern technology has drawbacks, for example, dependence on new technology. The man has more to think about. Even if the calculator is a good invention, the man does more mental arithmetic and does more work on his memory.
        In addition, the decline in human capital companies which implies an increase in unemployment. In some fields, the devices can easily replace human beings.
Also, technology pollutes nature. Indeed, some devices are dangerous and harmful for nature and even the health of men. The components are then reduced and so much more fragile.
file 20171215 17857 cns8cs - The pros and cons of technologyfile-20171215-17857-cns8cs So we need rules, with new laws. For example, using the Internet is individual freedom. However, the invention of the atomic bomb may not be individual freedom. Indeed regulations are difficult to put in place at the onset of these technologies.
Everything that precedes and to conclude, when we’re trying to solve a problem, it creates another. Now, we produce more disease-resistant genetic plants but that is what would happen if, by mistake, a weed would acquire this characteristic it is like the case of the technology. Do you are for or against the technology?
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