Top 5 Tips to Ensure Your Using High-Quality CBD

CBD is having its moment as it is almost everywhere. You will hardly walk through the aisle of any grocery store or gas store without finding a CBD product. It has found application in the medicinal and recreational field and helps provide several health benefits.  

This magic elixir has something for everyone. The working-class mum, the busy factory worker, the overwhelmed Ph.D. student, the seniors, and even our pets will benefit from using CBD in one way or the other.  

Due to its versatility and wide availability, many entrepreneurs have considered CBD a potent investment source. In other words, there are myriads of CBD products available, which might make it challenging to select the best one. Since everyone will label their product as high quality, one needs to be careful and see beyond the advertising gimmicks to recognize high-quality CBD.  

In other words, someone using CBD of low quality might conclude that CBD is not working for him. Yet the quality of the CBD is directly proportional to the benefits one will derive.  

As a result, one needs to strive to get high-quality CBD. As a result, this article will explore various tips with which you can get a high quality CBD: 


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Consider Full Spectrum CBD products  

If you want to maximize the effect of CBD, you are better off going for full-spectrum CBD rather than pure CBD isolate. Most, if not all, experts agree that full-spectrum CBD is 100% effective compared to pure CBD.  

Full-spectrum refers to CBD products with all the active ingredients of the cannabis plant, while CBD isolate refers to the CBD alone. In other words, when you buy CBD spectrum, you get CBD, THC, terpenes, and a lot of other cannabinoids, which provide a series of benefits.  

Besides, when the active compounds of cannabis work together, they provide the entourage effect. Also, the therapeutic effects of the combination are potent when they are working together rather than individually. 


Consider Naturally Cultivated Hemp Plant 

The hemp plant is a bioaccumulator – meaning that it will suck in almost everything in the soil used for cultivation, which will be revealed in the foliage. In addition to absorbing the minerals, vitamins, and nutrients it needs, it also absorbs toxins and toxic metals, which is the problem. When chemicals like lead, copper, zinc, cadmium, iron, arsenic, etc., leak to the soil where the hemp is grown, it will likely absorb them too.  

You will hardly find any hemp certified as organic from the USDA. However, a couple of CBD firms do not mind giving information about the soil and climate where their hemp was cultivated.  

When buying CBD oil in UK, consider products that have organic carrier oil certified by USDA rather than an industrial oil without much info, since CBD oil is usually a combination of carrier oil and cannabis oil.  

You will likely get high-quality CBD from an area that has been certified safe by the government. Such fields will also likely be examined for various toxic materials. Ensure the oil is certified by a lab accredited to test products and mark them free from multiple poisonous substances like bacteria, fungus, heavy metals, pesticides, and others.  


Consider how CBD Oil Was Manufactured  

Currently, neither the FDA nor any regulatory body controls manufacturing CBD oil. This means that various CBD brands use whatever extraction process they deem fit to manufacture CBD oil from hemp. 

Therefore, if you get CBD at a meager price, chances are the company used an insanely cheap extraction process which might not be healthy. Such a process might involve some harmful solvents, especially hydrocarbons like hexane, butane, pentane, and propane which are not friendly to the body.  

Reputable companies, however, use organic grade ethanol or grain alcohol to extract CBD oil from hemp. This extraction method is safe and gives the highest cannabinoid amount compared to other methods.  In addition to organic ethanol, CBD oil can also be extracted using the supercritical CO2 extraction technique. This method involves the use of Carbon dioxide in icy conditions and high pressure, which helps preserve the purity of CBD oil in the process.  


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Check for Third-Party Testing 

Presently, there is no organization or body in charge of verifying the purity of CBD oil. As a result, most brands contract individual labs to conduct purity tests on the product. Such labs are independent and hold no stake in the product or company. Such data is usually made public for all to access and imprinted on the package of the product or the website.  

A company that makes such info readily available for all to see might be selling high-quality CBD products. Such a firm will ensure anyone accesses such information without a sweat. A third-party lab test is vital as it reveals the concentration of THC, CBD, and other compounds, even heavy chemicals present in the CBD. 

Some firms have this information on their product in a QR code. You need to scan the code with your phone to view and examine the lab result. However, watch out for doctored results as well.  


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Check the Instruction 

While this is pretty obvious, it goes without saying as many people hardly have time to go through product package instructions these days.  

There are various instructions regarding the mode of ingestion. For instance, if you take CBD orally, one needs to hold it under the tongue for at least half a minute before swallowing it. The sublingual area has capillary and salivary glands in the body, allowing enough time to absorb into the blood before it gets distributed to various body parts.  

It is pretty common for people to rip the box open and put a dropper of oil into their mouth and swallow. This set of people wonders why CBD doesn’t show any noticeable results. Most likely, what is happening is that the oil slides down the throat into the intestine, and the liver metabolizes it for urine excretion. One needs to give the body enough time to absorb the compound in CBD.  


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CBD is pretty effective, and many people have used it to address various health issues. Before concluding that CBD is not working for you, ensure to strive and get high-quality CBD.  

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