Education is a field where every single minute something new and innovative happens which is sometimes beneficial for students and sometimes beneficial for the tutors or mentors. Mentors are very necessary in every student’s life because apart from bookish knowledge it is essential for students to have some practical knowledge of life and get some guidance for their academic as well as personal life.

School management system of a school always thinks for the better of the students and that is why a school management system never thinks twice in order to incorporate some innovative tools LMS portal to support the learning of the students to make their efforts count and facilitate them as much as they can. LMS portal makes online learning of the students easy and safe. But with all these facilities one mentor is always necessary for the students for guidance, for providing the correct path always. There is a slight difference between a teacher and a mentor.

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A teacher is a professional who takes degree in teaching and teaches only course subjects whereas a mentor is a trusted advisor, he can be anybody like your teacher, your parents, your best friend, any senior or even a peon of your office just he or she should have deep knowledge of life and he/she should be capable of giving correct piece of advice in hours of need. Everyone wants to be a mentor because it brings a lot of respect also but it is not so easy to become a mentor.

For becoming a mentor certain things are necessary to be figured out such as what does mentor and mentee want from each other and both should have a mutual understanding about each other and also mentor should look into whether he or she is capable of taking mentorship of that particular person.

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Once it is decided that what does a mentee and mentor want from their relationship then it becomes clear to set some expectations from each other like mentee can set expectation that he or she can receive correct suggestions from mentor in the hours of need and mentor can set the expectation that his suggestions will be heard and will be followed by the mentee.

So, when the initiative step is completed then mentor and mentee should discuss with each other whether they are ready for such a commitment or not. As a mentor a mentee believes in a person a lot. This relationship runs on a bond of trust so the mentor has to see whether this bond has been created or not. In order to become an amazing mentor, it is necessary that the mentor should have complete interest in his or her mentee as a person.

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Getting to know the mentee deeply helps mentor to understand the mentee completely as well as mentors comes to know about personal and professional; life of the mentee and this helps him/her to give perfect piece of advice to the mentee in need. A good mentor has to become a good and active listener otherwise he or she will never have an idea about the query about which the mentee wants to have some suggestions.

Sometimes when problems are elucidated then they themselves provide the solutions in detail.  Mentors must prove his loyalty and level of privacy when a mentee shares his or her problem to the mentor because sometimes problems are private then the mentor will have to prove his trust level by keeping the mentee’s secrets as well as provide him/her proper solutions and suggestions to solve the situations.

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To become a mentor, one should be a learned and knowledgeable person who can give valuable advice based on the knowledge and experience of life. A good mentor always is aware of when to give advice and when not to because in some cases a mentor has to keep a mum because a mentee’s wish can be malicious too and a successful advice can make him/her accomplish an evil target.

So, mentors should be able to pause when needed and give advice when it is correct to give. Mentor should not be over judgemental instead he or she should be logical about the mentee. Mentor needs to read the situation of the mentee deeply, talk to him/her, ask him/her necessary questions to clear the picture and then only make any assumptions in order to give proper suggestions.

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