What is a lip lift surgery, different types and who should opt for it?

A lip lift surgery is a type of plastic surgery in that people choose to increase the fullness of their lips. This is done to accentuate the look of the lips and give an illusion of thicker lips compared to increasing their volume. People often opt for lip fillers and implants, usually kept as a last resort. Let us read more about it.

What is lip lift exactly? 

A lip lift is a surgical procedure wherein the doctor applies local anesthesia to and around the lips and then performs surgery. The distance between the lips and the nose, called the philtrum, is reduced. This causes an increase in the pink part of the lips that is visible, which gives the illusion of fuller lips. It also changes how your lips rest and the number of central teeth visible when sleeping.

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Different types of lip lift surgeries

 There are different types of lip lift surgery done using other procedures. Though, the result is the same in almost all of them. The different types are:

  • Direct surgery: In this, a small portion of skin just above the upper lips is cut, and the lips are pulled upwards and stitched in place. This results in a scar at the top of the upper lips, which often looks like a more defined lip line.
  • Subnasal bullhorn: This procedure is one of the more common ones and involves cutting the skin at the base of the nose. This cut is often done along the contours of the nose, which is in the shape of a bullhorn hence the name.
  • Central lift: This procedure is very similar to bullhorn surgery. The space between the nose and the lips is reduced by removing a small section of skin. The scar is left at the base of the nose, though it is rarely visible.
  • Corner lift: Often known as the grin lift. This is done by making an incision at the side of the lips to give the appearance of a slightly smiling lip even when at rest. This procedure is often combined with others. People who go for this surgery often feel more of a downward drooping lip.
  • Italian lift: This is done by making two small incisions at the base of each nostril. The scar is barely visible, and the results are similar to that of a bullhorn surgery though it may be less pronounced.
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Should you opt for this surgery?  

This surgery is for people who do not want to opt for lip fillers, botox, and implants which may be for a variety of reasons such as:

  • You feel that they make your lips look a lot more fake and duck-like.
  • When you want to increase the height of your lips compared to making them fuller in volume.
  • Since this procedure is permanent and does not require regular upkeep, people who are fed up with having constant touch-ups to keep their lips looking the same and want a permanent solution often opt for this.

What are some complications involved with the procedure

Even when a world-renowned surgeon does the procedure, there are risks of certain complications which may be caused due to your negligence or simply because your body reacted differently to some substances. The risks may include:

  • Permanent scarring
  • Infection at the incision site may result in pus formation and may require additional procedures.
  • Blood loss
  • Nerve damage, though it is rare
  • Reaction to anesthesia
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Talking to your doctor clearly before getting a lip lift surgery is crucial to get the results you hope for.

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